Locate People

Are you looking for long lost love one or an ex-husband who has not given support to your child? Private investigator firms will help you locate people because they have the skills, connections and contacts that will make the job easier and faster.

When Is A Private Investigator Needed

Our private investigators can help you find your lost child or look for your distant family members as a process server. When we assist you we will talk to witnesses and work closely with you to locate people. Listed below are some of the situations that may require the help of private investigators:

Find Friends & Family

Private investigators can reunite you with your mother or father after they have divorced. You may be able to contact your long lost parents and siblings after a long time.

Find Runaways

Our team of highly qualified experts can find your ex-husband after he has left you and your children especially if he is not responsible enough to provide you with spousal support and child support. You can find him and talk to him before you can sue him with legal cases.

How Do Our Private Investigators Locate People?

Private investigators have tons of methods to be able to find missing people. As compared to the police, they are more trained on this kind of job and they have connections to the different forms of searches be it on the sea, land or air. They have contacts with all kinds of people, organizations and governmental agencies so they can access all types of information. They can also tract potential leads without being suspected by the people around.

How the private investigators begin depends on the information that a person already have. The more information you have, the less will be the cost of service. Listed below are some of the methods that our private investigators use to locate people.

1. Social Networking Sites
Nowadays, people have their own social media accounts that provide basic profile. Social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ are used by our firm to identify a missing person’s email address and zip code.

2. Search Engines
Our private investigators are doing basic web searches to look for a person’s address and telephone number. The search engines we often use include Yahoo, Google, Ask and Bing. With the help of these engines, different results are given to us.

3. Public Records
Different forms of public records like birth records, corporate records, divorce documents, death records, marriage certificates, federal records and bankruptcy records can also help in locating people. Our private investigators have connections with the different governmental agencies that can provide such information.

4. Local Directory Assistance
If you have the information on the previous address of the person, our private investigators can help you look for them through the local directory assistance.

Why Should You Choose Our Service?

If you run out of time to search for a missing person or you do not know where to begin the process of locating your long lost loved ones, the help of our private investigators is what you need. We make sure that we meet the deadlines and that we provide all the information you need. We provide all the details on our reports and we make sure that our relationship with you is strictly confidential. With our years of experience in the field, you can be assured that our licensed private investigators have the skills in this type of job. You may call us today to discuss your situation and the process we will undergo for the case.