Insurance Investigation

You’ll find that there are quite a few insurance investigation options, but we feel our services are unique. We have multiple ways to detect people engaging in fraudulent activities. This can help you legally, and it’s smart to always do what you can to avoid paying out to people that aren’t truthful about issues.

Workers Compensation Fraud

When we work with companies, they sometimes want to know if they should be paying out workers compensation. Their employee may just be making up injuries, and if that’s the case they’re costing the company money for no reason at all. This is not legal to do, because it’s defrauding the system. That’s why we’ll work with you to get evidence they are not injured, and then you’ll be able to rectify this legally.

Life Insurance Fraud

When someone passes away, you may be wondering if there is a life insurance fraud problem happening. Sometimes people will harm others to take their insurance, or they may just befriend them to get them to sign over their property to them. Whatever happened, we’re able to figure out if there has been any fraud involved in the situation. We do our insurance investigation practices through the Internet and anywhere that lets us talk to people that may be involved so that we can get you quick answers.

Health Care Insurance Fraud

Are you a health insurance provider and you have a client that may be lying about not being able to get physical or do other things? You may have someone that says they don’t smoke, but you can easily find out if that’s a lie. Sometimes people will lie so that they can get the best deal on their insurance possible. If you can catch them before they cost you money for no reason, then it’s easier on you to keep your company afloat. If people start just inventing injuries and you don’t double check on these things, you’re going to have a hard time recouping your money and keeping your business’s doors open.

Automobile Insurance Fraud

 Did you happen to hear that someone you’re working with has been defrauding your insurance company? That’s not legal, and you can utilize a private investigator that we can hook you up with to make sure you get this taken care of. Don’t let them take too much advantage of you, and if you can get enough evidence you can even get some of the money you lost back. People that defraud you shouldn’t be let away with just a warning, or else other people will try the same thing.

Property Insurance Fraud

Did someone say their property was damaged and they need you to provide money for it? Are they not really seeming like they are prepared with good pictures and don’t really want you checking it out? That’s a time for a private investigation, someone that can see if the person is still living in their home the same way and if any damage has happened to the home that makes it difficult to live in. Some people just lie and doctor pictures, so if you can get an investigator to find out they’re lying and get proof, you can have a case.

We can do an insurance investigation, and also can take care of other matters needing a private investigator. We’re confident that you will learn all you need to know about anyone out there you think may be a fraud. It’s much cheaper to take care of this with us than to risk paying into something that’s not really a problem someone has.