Fire and Arson Investigation

When it comes to incidences of fire and arson, the right private investigation service is absolutely necessary. We are hired or retained normally by defense attorneys or insurance companies.. Many people do not realize that incidents such as this often require the assistance of skilled professionals in order to properly resolve. Many local organizations, such as the fire brigade, often are not trained in the many complexities that arise in the resolution of fire and arson cases. We have extensive experience solving these kinds of situations to the highest degree. Hence, this article will serve as a comprehensive guide on our fire and arson investigation service.

Cause Determination

One of the most important aspects that needs to be looked into in a fire and arson case is the cause. Without knowing the cause, steps can not be taken to rectify any kind of problems in place that played a role in causing the incident. We have an immensely skilled crew that are able to look at the smallest of details on order to come to a logical and practical determination of the cause of arson or a fire. We have a long range of clients that have greatly benefited from our cause determination analysis services in regards to both commercial and private cases of fire and arson.

Fire Origin Vehicle

When it comes to arson and fire cases involving vehicles, it becomes immensely complex. A very important thing to do in cases such as this is to determine the fire origin vehicle. This means finding out which vehicle caused the fire. We have all of the tools and know-how necessary to directly pin point not only which vehicle caused the fire, but also why it caused the fire in the first place. Arson and fires that pertain to vehicles can be very difficult to resolve without properly analyzing the fire origin vehicle, thus, or service is definitely useful.

Structural Fires

There are many different types of fires, and structural fires so happen to be one of the most complicated. There are so many things that need to be taken into account when analyzing a structural fire. Our structural fire service has developed over these many years into an incredibly detailed service that will provide all the information necessary to quickly find out such things as direct cause of structural fire.

Evidence Collection

Especially in cases of arson, evidence needs to be collected. Not only is it beneficial for an individual and his business to track down the arsonist, it is also beneficial to the greater community to track down a criminal such as this. The most effective way to track down and prosecute an arsonist is through utilizing evidence found on the scene of the crime. We have the forensic and technical skills needed to successfully track down all of the evidence needed to track down and find an arsonist.


The preservation of a scene of arson or fire is incredibly important. By correctly preserving the area, the right investigations can be done. Furthermore, evidence can be collected. We are known to be one of the few private investigation companies that are able to provide an incredibly precise and effective preservation service of an area such as this. We are able to preserve a scene so that it is practically untouched, leading to quick and conclusive analysis of the area. Our experience in preservation extends to even the smallest of areas to the largest, we can definitely provide a top notch preservation service for any kind of arson or fire occurrence.

In many cases specialized reports are done prior to our services being retained. Our experts are able to obtain copies of these reports and make
determinations in conjunction with observations of a scene to determine if additional evidence exist or if in fact the events transpired as reported.