A private detective is a person who is hired to undertake an investigation. He or she is a professional who can be hired by private individuals, coorporates, insurance agencies, law firms or other bodies to collect intelligence and approve or disapprove the information. You can hire a private detective to perform background checks on potential staffs, investigate validity of an insurance claim, find a missing person or investigate suspicions of infidelity.

Since you are hiring a private detective, nobody should tell that he or she is being investigated. Private detectives are trained to investigate and research. It is our duty to ensure we provide a service that is absolutely private and confidential.

Yes, it is legal to hire a private detective. Private detectives are professionals who are licensed to perform their services. They have access to thousands of records that include financial records, property records, criminal records and many more. All the resources you will access through our service are legal. Addition, all our private detectives are professional and cannot be involved in any illegal activities. Though private detectives have access to material the general public cannot access, they are not law enforcement officers.

Besides using the normal data base available to private detectives, we have a team of professionals that can gather enough information of the subject. We also, when it is necessary contact associates, neighbors, friends, creditors, employers and other people that might have the knowledge of the matter. Depending on the service you need, we ensure you provide us with all the information that is required.

For instance: If you want us to locate a missing person, we would like to know the full name of the person, last known location, national insurance number, age, driving license number, the names of close and distance relatives, previous employers and friends.

  • Hiring a private detective is expensive. However, every detective has his or her own method of billing. Always ensure you understand the costs of the entire process in advance. You should sign a contract after understanding all the terms and the expected fees. Do not sign the contract if you are not sure. You can have your lawyer go through it before signing.