Domestic Investigation

Unfortunately, even those closest to you may be capable of fraudulent, criminal, and dishonest behavior. Whether it is infidelity, child abuse, domestic abuse or any other unjust act, it is imperative that you know whom you are dealing with so that you protect yourself and your family. Being victimized is can be devastating. Nevertheless, when the harm is done by someone close, it can be direly overwhelming to deal with the emotional trauma. Fortunately, our domestic investigation services can help you avoid theft, fraud and any other forms of wrongful acts in your homes. If you think that someone close to you is involved in some wrongful and harmful activities, call us today, and we will get you the proof you need with our thorough domestic investigations.

Several factors come to play when choosing private investigator. One of these factors is utmost confidentiality. Due to our extensive research on private investigation, we have become auspiciously knowledgeable on the nuts and bolts of domestic investigation services. We vividly understand how traumatic your life is when you need help to separate fear from reality in your personal life. As a result, we treat all our customers with respect, compassions and offer them our services with utmost confidentiality. With our experience, no matter what type of domestic investigation you need, you will be glad to note that we most likely to have successfully investigated a similar case.

As licensed and professional investigators, we conduct various domestic investigation services including background checks, child support, child custody, infidelity, and physical abuse. When you have any suspicions that you are being threatened or something is amiss in your home, don’t wait to be a victim, call us, and we will successfully investigate and offer you all the information you need. Here is a list of our domestic investigation services:

Background Check

When you need a background check in order to learn the truth about someone, we will offer you a tailored background check that precisely touches on you areas of concern, reasons for finding our more and your overall needs. If you have children, it is important to check the background of a potential nanny before hiring one. A background check is a judicious way of gathering more information about an individual.

Thanks to our expertise in offering effective private investigation services, we know which routes to follow in order to provide you with accurate and detailed background check. If someone’s past is going to be part of your future, then performing a background check entirely makes perfect sense.

Child Support

The current harsh economic environment has unfortunately escalated the number of deadbeat parents nationwide. However, this is not a green light for parents to avoid their parental duties in providing for their children. Our domestic investigation services can help you track down a deadbeat parent that thinks he/she can hide from their responsibilities to their children. With the well-being of your child being at risk, it is important that you track down a deadbeat parent and identify the location of employment for child support collections. It is important that child support be collected on a timely basis.

Our services will help provide you with all the information you need about a deadbeat parent. From asset search for identification of properties that may be used for child support payments to undercover surveillance that will demonstrate careless spending of money that could be used for child support payments.

Child Custody

Apparently, in child custody and divorce matter, the parent that hires a private investigator is mostly the one that wins. The information that you get from a private investigator might be the deciding factor in the quality and safety of your child’s life. We understand what your child means to you. Thanks to our private investigation services, your custody battle need not be a nightmare.

Cheating/ Abusive Spouse

If you suspect your partner is not faithful, our private investigation services can help you find out for certain. Even though finding out that your partner is cheating on you can be painful, not knowing if your partner is cheating on you yet you are suspecting can also be equally painful.

Additionally, if you suspect someone in your home is a victim of abuse; our professional investigator will help you find out for sure so that you can take relevant steps to protect your family.