Corporate Investigation

If you want to use our cooperate investigation services you may want to know why they are useful. Quite a few people utilize these kinds of investigation to learn a lot about a new or potential employee. If you have a business you want to be very protected, you need help from us to make that happen.

Fraud Investigation

We’ll find out if you have an employee that has acted fraudulently in any situation in the past. Have they ran up debts throughout the cities they’ve lived in and then bailed? Are they telling you the truth about cases they may have been involved in where they were suspected of fraud? We can find a lot of this out for you and then some. When we do, you will be more comfortable when working with those that you are screening for a job.

Employee Background Check

If you have a business, you should never let anyone work at it until they have undergone a good background check. You may think it’s best to just pay a company to do it online, but those types of checks aren’t all that good. You’ll want to know if they have a criminal record, if they have lied on the resume or application, and want a good history on where they have lived in the past. With a minimal background check, you won’t learn all that much. With the check we can do, you’ll learn everything possible that is out there on the potential employee.

Did you know that we can also help you investigate people through social media? We are able to get to know what their habits are, where they hang out, and what kinds of things they do in their free time. Plus, you can learn if they are badmouthing your company, which is sometimes damaging to your reputation. If you have an employee you’re not too sure about, then try to get them checked out this way. You may find reason for your suspicions, and can rid your organization of them before they do even more damage to your company.

Remember that sometimes it’s the people that you like the most in business that are secretly doing damage to you. A good private investigator can help you figure out if there’s a cause for concern without being seen doing their job. You need to be cautious in business, because everyone out there holds money to such a high regard. You’ll be better off being cautious of everyone so that you have less of a chance to have the wool pulled over your eyes. In the long run it pays off to be careful and you’ll only be working with people that benefit you.

Once you’ve utilized our cooperate investigation assistance, you’ll realize just how much it can benefit you. People that have shady pasts and have lied to you can’t be trusted to help your business thrive. Weed out bad candidates before they do damage that costs you.