Accident Investigation

Accidents happen!Events that are out of your control and where fault can be attributed to yourself, a third party or to no-one in particular occur, causing damage to your property or bodily harm.

It is essential to investigate accidents to find the cause, with the main goal being to determine if any person or entity was at fault. Our accident investigation includes the following five techniques that will assist you in the event that you want to take legal action or defend against any action being taken against you:

Accident Photography

It is important to document the scene of an accident as soon as possible after the event has occurred. If you have not taken any photos, we will make it our priority to create visible documentation as soon as possible. Remember that physical evidence of the event still remains, even after the scene has been cleaned.

If you were in a position to take photographs, we will analyse the images as well as return to the scene to take additional photo’s. Our team will also try to find any video footage that may have recorded the event.

Accident Measurements And Documentation

Memory is unreliable. The way in which you remember an experience can differ greatly to the way in which others will recall the same series of events. This is especially true when you have been in an accident. Our team will ensure that your experience is documented in an objective fashion, focusing on details that will help determine the cause.

Using actual measurements is a great way to establish what really took place. For example, if you think that an object that caused the accident was 100 yards away, measurements can show that it was in fact further, or closer, to evaluate it’s role in the accident better.

Witness Interviews

Witness testimony is notoriously unreliable. However, if enough witness testimony is collected, commonalities can be extracted to get to the bottom of the cause. Witnesses may also have taken photographs or have video evidence of the event.

Our accident investigation team will not only interview witnesses that you are aware of, but try to locate witnesses who may have seen what happened. This includes going door to door to find those curious people who peek through the windows and are always aware of what is going on in their neighborhood.

Accident Reconstruction

Once all the evidence has been collected and documented, we will get to work reconstructing the series of events that led up to the accident. This is perhaps the most important step in accident investigation and often takes a keen eye, experienced in accident reconstruction, to figure out the 5 W’s (Where, When, Who, What) to get to how the accident happened.

Hit And Run Investigations

A hit an run accident can be defined as an event where a person has caused vehicular injury or damage to your property and not remained at the scene. In this event, there is a clear determination of the cause of the accident and the onus is to find the person responsible.

In these cases,all the above investigation techniques will be followed, but instead of the cause of the accident being the main focus, finding the person responsible will be the aim of the investigation.

Our team is experienced in accident investigation techniques, has the know-how to reconstruct the causes and are well versed in the procedures that need to be followed. Where necessary, we will contact experts in fields that may be relevant to the events you experienced, especially where the cause may be industrial, environmental or when our team just requires additional expertise.